Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant and Social Media Assistance


Working with a Certified Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can save you time - lots of time -  now you have more time to focus on building your business. There are many tasks associated with the new Web 2.0.  


What is Web 2.0 - Web 2.0 is the 2nd generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability for you to collaborate and share information on line (or, connect with people and potential new customers).  In Web 2.0, the content generated by users reigns supreme.  


Social media marketing helps by building trust, allows you to become the authority in your niche, and you will build an authentic connection between your business and prospective customers.


Social Media Terminology

Consumer Generated Content - This is web content that is written and/or influenced by website visitors in the form of ratings, reviews, comments, etc.

Social Media - Participation with on line media where news, photos, videos, and podcasts are made public at Social News Sites.  As an example of a Social News Site -- and

Social Media Marketing - This is where you use social media channels to increase your website visibility and brand awareness to a particular audience

Social Tagging - This is the practice of creating and managing keywords that categorize your content thus making it easier for users to find it in social news channel

Social Bookmarking - This gives you the ability to save links to web pages users want to remember or share


How Can An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant Help You In Your Social Media Marketing?


Manage Google Alerts

  • Track and report online reputation (what people are saying about your products and services)
  • Track keyword-specific topics in Blogs and Social New Sites
  • Track key competitors


Research and Connect with New Social Media Channels

  • Find new channels to "join in the conversation"


Blog / Social Network / Forum Marketing

  • Track ongoing list of blog feeds
  • Submit blog comments, forum and social media posts
  • Join the conversation


Blog commenting is an important tasks to leverage your Social Media marketing program.  All this is done by creating a natural way to include your link into the blog post.


Are you ready to make more time for yourself and focus on building your business




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MJ Stern

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant