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MJ Stern - practices as a Certified Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant and offers you the experience and support with various Web 2.0 applications for your Internet success and on-line presence.


With the explosion of the Internet, more and more firms are in need of an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant. As you know, ezines, research, blogs, social media sites are all time¬‚ consuming and can prevent you from building your business the way you would like to.

Listed below are key areas to help you maintain your presence on the Internet, help you grow your business, offer you more efficiency, create more visibility and credibility, and allow you to enjoy your time the way you want to enjoy it.


        • On-line Market Research
        • Competitor Analysis
        • Survey Creation
        • Google Analytics
        • Social Media Sites (Twitter - Facebook )
        • Social Bookmarking Sites (Propellar - Digg - Sphinn)
        • Web Analytics
        • Affiliate Marketing
        • Affiliate Recruitment
        • Search Engine Optimization
        • Search Engine Marketing
            • Keyword Research
        • Link Building
        • Article, Directory, Press Release, Social Media Submissions
        • Blog Maintenance
        • Squidoo Lenses
        • HubPages
        • Wikipedia Submissions
        • Email Marketing 


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