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Recently I updated my site to this WordPress site. OK, I’m am certainly not a graphic designer, and you just can’t be everything when it comes to your online presence. But WordPress is a very user friendly system to use for your website. You don’t need to buy expensive software to have a pretty decent site.

What they say is that your website copy should hit a visitor’s “pain point” but do we really know what our pain points are as a small business owner? I think there are way too many. After having our contract manufacturing business for many years, and being a small business owner, you know the main problem is not having enough time to do what you do best.

Most small-solo business owners all share the same concern. Not enough time. Some days do you feel totally overwhelmed with all that is involved with owning and running a business. So many different functions and sometimes you just can’t be a “one-arm paper hanger” you need to let go, delegate and get the support you need to help you with:

  • Administrative work
  • Social Media engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization so you are found on-line
  • Blog posting
  • Comment approval
  • Email
  • Google Places
  • Online visibility support

And so many, many more items that are necessary for you to increase your revenues and have your business run smooth and profitably.

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need more time to generate more business without being burdened with administrative tasks?
  • Do you need help with social media to create more visibility and credibility?
  • Is your website optimized for the search engines giving you better position to generate more traffic and potential clients?

With the current market conditions, businesses are looking for alternative ways to increase productivity, increase revenue and yet at the same time lower their overhead and succeed in this tough market. If you take the time to analyze the benefits partnering with a virtual office specialist, who can assist you with your online visibility, you will quickly realize how effective these services are for your business.

The work that we do for you is custom – there is no “cookie cutter” approach. Even though all businesses work on the same principles, they are all unique. That’s why the business we do for you is customized.

Contact MJ Stern today for a consultation on how she can assist you with your workflow to take some of the weight off your shoulders, so you can start doing what you do best – generate more revenue!


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