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Kindle-eBook Services

KindleDigital Publishing Services for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Today, having an eBook on Amazon gives you more visibility.

I’m a specialist in MS Word-to-Kindle eBook formatting and offer conversion services.

I’ll help you get your eBook ready to submit to Amazon. So if you find all those MS Word formatting features overwhelming and you don’t have enough time to be fussy to properly prepare your eBook, don’t give up – send it to me and you’ll be on the “eBook shelf” in no time!

Is your document/manuscript/book in PDF format? Your PDF file can be converted to MS Word for a Kindle eBook.

The great thing about Kindle is that it encourages and allows you, the author, to publish short reports and articles and you use the same process, techniques and strategies that authors of full-length books use.

So, let’s get started!