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It all started one Sunday in 2008. Here’s my story!

MJstern-2014One Sunday morning back in 2008 I was searching around on the Internet – just looking to see if there was some type of online business I would be interested in and I stumbled across the Virtual Assistant industry. I became intrigued.

The more I read, the more determined I became to start my own Virtual Office Specialist business. So I casually said to my husband that Sunday morning, I am going to start my own business. And I did.

With more than 20+  years administrative, business and technical experience my skills are well suited for a virtual business support specialist business. My office is located in Jupiter, FL, about 75 miles north of Miami.

With today’s technology you need to be able to learn the different areas to assist other small business owners with their desire to become more visible on the Internet.

When I started my business back in 2008 I was fortunate and so very grateful today to have the opportunity to assist while learning different methods of traffic generation and SEO. It has been so rewarding to watch various keywords rank on Page 1 of Google for different websites.   Read what others have to say.

My other passion is helping people with Medicare. Please visit Medicare Tips for Seniors.


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